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White Rock, BC Golden Hour

Here are some of my personal favourites that I’ve taken at White Rock beach at golden hour.

sunrise-winter-early-pink-pier-photo-photography-photographer-nature-water-ocean-clouds-waves-surrey-british columbia-canada
Stunning winter sunrise.
Photography-Photo-Photograph-Sunrise-Pier-Circling-Mountains-surrey-canada-british columbia-whiterock-white-rock-orange-railing-rocks-mountain-Pigeons-birds-
I went to White Rock beach for some sunrise photos and got this gorgeous photograph of pigeons circling the pier.
Sunrise-Photographer-Photo-Photography-Photographer-Winter-Colours-Vibrant-Sun-Rays-Waves-Surrey-British Columbia-Canada-Ripples-Mountains-Silhouettes-Beach-WhiteRock-White-Rock-colors
Winter sunrise completely raw shot from the pier at White Rock.
beach photo photography photographer reflection sunset trees silhouettes puddle clouds Whiterock White rock surrey
Stunning sunset seen from west beach in White Rock.
sunset-photo-photography-photographer-plant-orange-water-ocean-stick-clouds-bokeh-white rock-british columbia-canada-silhouette-beach-enhanced-saturation-cloud-amateur-puddles-sand
As I was leaving White Rock I was able to capture this beauty.

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Do you have a favourite golden hour photo? 




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