Ward’s Marina Sunset

Nearly a month ago I came across a marina along Crescent Road known as Ward’s Marina and each and every time I’ve been there I’ve got some truly breathtaking shots.

My very first outing at Ward’s Marina and got this stunning picture of all the silhouettes of the boats.
From just my second trip to the marina and I’m in shock of how beautiful each sunset is here!
Lensball shot before the metal bridge on the way to the dock.
crescent-beach-sunset-wards marina-
Another sunset shot, another gorgeous night.


Let me know what you think!

Thanks, Ethan

Bokeh Shots in South Surrey/Vancouver

Bokeh; Comes from the Japanese word- [bokel) is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. Bokeh has is defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”. If I were to put it simply, it means to have the foreground of the image in focus and the background blurred.

bokeh-vancouver-leaves-photographer-canada-chain-poles-photography-surrey-white rock-british columbia-downtown-van-
I caught a ride down to Vancouver a couple months ago and was able to capture this unique photo of naturally laid leaves.
1001 Steps Bokeh
This person wouldn’t move out of the way so instead I got this bokeh of her silhouette.
Sunset with waves in the sand
Close up picture of flowers during golden hour

Silhouettes at Sunset – Family Photos in White Rock, BC

Candid Family Photoshoot in White Rock, BC.

Book your half hour candid photo shoot at White Rock during sunset. The first three sessions booked are $75 introductory rate. After that the regular rate is $100.

Here are a few photos that I got from my first session.

In Frame: Kama Money (Ethigal Blog)

“I hired Ethan to take some photos of my son and I for a blogging contract with Explore White Rock and Kid Approved BC. I needed some high quality content that showed us enjoying the area despite the pier being broken after a storm.  The economy of White Rock has struggled since the storm and our aim was to show that it’s still a great spot for families to explore together with its beach and stunning sunsets.

Ethan’s mom owns a daycare and he wasn’t phased at all when my son had a bathroom emergency and then got into a bad mood. Ethan stayed calm, kept his sense of humour and level of patience that I REALLY appreciated.  It’s embarrassing for moms when kids are being difficult and I appreciated Ethan’s understanding. Once the little guy was feeling better, we were able to continue on with the photoshoot and get some fantastic shots.  Funny enough, my son said he wants to become a photographer like Ethan when he grows up!  I’d highly recommend Ethan D. Photography for unposed, authentic family photos and content creation on White Rock beach.”

-Kama Money



Interested in your own family shoot? (Custom Packages Available)

Email me at

The Phenomenal Sunrise (01/28/19)

These are just some of the photos I took this morning around 7:30, it was a bit of a jaunt down to the beach and back but it was absolutely worth freezing my hands off for!

Here is just one of the amazing shots I was able to capture this morning.
I got this nearing the end of the spectacular sunrise.
About 15 minutes after the sky had finished changing colours I got this unique photo.

Should the White Rock Pier become a National Historic site?

What is a national historic site?

National historic sites are places of profound importance to Canada. They bear witness to this nation’s defining moments and illustrate its human creativity and cultural traditions. Each national historic site tells its own unique story, part of the greater story of Canada, contributing a sense of time, identity, and place to our understanding of Canada as a whole. Parks Canada.

Vancouver-British Columbia-canada-photographer-beginner-
Gastown was designated to be the national landmark of Canada in 2009.

What are the benefits of becoming a national historic site today?

Just a couple of benefits are that if the pier is a national historical place it would be protected from commemoration preservation and development. The Canadian government may also invest funds for restoration and reconstruction of the pier.

How can the White Rock Pier become a National Historic site?

The city, the museum, and the community would need to band together and approach the government for the possibility of the White Rock Pier becoming a national historical site.

My Thoughts:

The White Rock Pier should definitely be a national historical landmark because it has been beloved by the community for over a century. It has been my go to spot for nearly 5 years to take pictures and since its so close the convenience is great . It’s a local treasure that hundreds of people visit daily. The pier is White Rock’s biggest tourist attraction and brings in tons of money that funds numerous things in the city. There really isn’t a reason for the government not to sign off saying that it can be a national historical landmark. Even though we can’t quantify how much money the pier brings in. I am absolutely certain that it’s a big part of White Rock’s tourist appeal, and a key symbol of the history of the city.

The White Rock Pier is well known as a place for families to gather and this picture is a prime example of that.

I want to hear your opinions!

The Super Blood Wolf Moon 01/20/19

I was able to get this shot after continuously trying for close to 20 minutes and I have to say it was worth the struggle. I have gotten quite a few questions about the settings I was using to get a picture like this of the moon so, nevertheless..

Shutter Speed: 1/5th     Aperture: 5.6     Lens: 100-400 Canon EOS (F-Stop/4.5)

Moon-blood- wolf-surrey-photography-super-british-columbia-
Last night I was able to capture this shot of The Super Blood Wolf Moon. As seen on The City of Surrey’s instagram page. It wasn’t an easy pictures to take due to the lighting and since I didn’t have a tripod I had to hold my camera very still for 1/5 of a second which is a painstakingly slow shutter speed, especially at such a great distance.


Were you able to take any photos of the moon?!