Silhouettes at Sunset – Family Photos in White Rock, BC

Candid Family Photoshoot in White Rock, BC.

Book your half hour candid photo shoot at White Rock during sunset. The first three sessions booked are $75 introductory rate. After that the regular rate is $100.

Here are a few photos that I got from my first session.

In Frame: Kama Money (Ethigal Blog)

“I hired Ethan to take some photos of my son and I for a blogging contract with Explore White Rock and Kid Approved BC. I needed some high quality content that showed us enjoying the area despite the pier being broken after a storm.  The economy of White Rock has struggled since the storm and our aim was to show that it’s still a great spot for families to explore together with its beach and stunning sunsets.

Ethan’s mom owns a daycare and he wasn’t phased at all when my son had a bathroom emergency and then got into a bad mood. Ethan stayed calm, kept his sense of humour and level of patience that I REALLY appreciated.  It’s embarrassing for moms when kids are being difficult and I appreciated Ethan’s understanding. Once the little guy was feeling better, we were able to continue on with the photoshoot and get some fantastic shots.  Funny enough, my son said he wants to become a photographer like Ethan when he grows up!  I’d highly recommend Ethan D. Photography for unposed, authentic family photos and content creation on White Rock beach.”

-Kama Money



Interested in your own family shoot? (Custom Packages Available)

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