Perspective (reflection)

point of view-perspective-mirror-reflection-white rock-white rock-
For this image, I believe the term “perspective” is a good representation of what I would say I can relate which reminds me of how we discussed in class about our perspective on other peoples situations from the outside looking in, but as we get a closer look we become much more understanding. Not everyone is able to change their perspective on the matter at hand, you need to be open-minded as opposed to being narrow-minded and not open to change or the possibility of being wrong. It can be more difficult for some people compared to others.


Power (eagle)

bald eagle-bird-photography-white rock-surrey-photographer-photograph-photo-wings-bald-canada-britsh columbia-nature-wildlife-feathers-sky-blue-
When I see this photo I immediately think of three things; Power, Patience, and Focus. The reason I think of power is that the bald eagle has always been seen as a powerful bird and is intimidating to most other birds. They can be rather ruthless at times as well. The reason I think of patience is that in order to take this photo I was holding my camera for over two hours to capture this image and how it’s always worth the wait. When it comes to thinking of focus it’s because in the case the eagle is the only focus in the image and that there can be so much around us but if we block it all out and only focus on what matters we can have a much clearer view on life.


Life and Death (time exposure)

To me, this image reminds me of life and death in the sense that if you’re not careful and you don’t take a moment to take in your surroundings you can miss it in a blink of an eye. If you moved the tripod it could mess up the whole shot which equivalent to making a small decision in life and why it’s always important to have a plan before making any what could be minor decisions at the time but in the big picture, they could have many ripple effects for things in the future. 


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