Behind The Lens pt.2

For this blog post I focus on primarily on writing about how each image comes to life and I get more in depth about how it was that day and the conditions that I endure while out getting photos!

Last year in mid February I was looking for places to take photos. I caught a ride out to Zero Ave, Surrey, BC. Somewhere along that long stretch of road I spotted this rustic yet, modern barn. At first I doubted that it was worth while to get out and take any photos of it due to the heavy snowfall and the possibility of ruining my camera but sometimes it’s worth the risk and I don’t regret it. I only was out of the truck for a few seconds but in that time I was able to get this shot, so peaceful, and quiet- the only word that comes to mind when I see this photograph is “tranquility”.
A few weeks ago, before this photo was taken, I went out to do a portrait shoot at this railway crossing. While I was taking those, I saw this and thought “what if I were to try a couple different angles?”  Nearly a month later I went back there on my own time and experimented by taking a few shots. I love how this one turned out- to get this picture I had to stand on my toes and lean forward so the leaves would be in focus and the background would be blurred out. It wasn’t easy leaning against the chain-link and keeping my hand steady but it was definitely worth it.
On the very last day of 2018 I decided to go down to Crescent Beach and try to get some sunset photos. The sunset itself was quite dull but about 15 minutes afterwards I looked behind me directly at Burnaby and saw an opportunity to get this shot. It was getting dark quick so I ran from the other side of the beach to get close enough to see everything in great detail. It’s never easy shooting something that far away but sometimes its worth the difficulties. In order to get this shot I had to control my breathing to keep my hands steady to ensure that the image wouldn’t become blurry.
On this beautiful winter evening I went over to the White Rock Pier and got this stunning capture of what looks like a very fiery sky. As I saw two people passed through in kayaks I rushed further down the pier and got this stunning capture of them both mid-stroke in the perfect setting. Not dead center but not too far off to the side to where it would look odd. About 10 minutes after this photo was taken it was nearly pitch black out, I’m just lucky that I got down there in time to capture this.
I went down to White Rock Pier for sunset one night and it was a pretty uneventful one so I stayed afterwards and decided to attempt to take some nighttime-esque photographs of the pier and some other places but, out of all of those I found this one to have turned out the best. At the time of this shot I was using a borrowed wide-angle lens so I had a bit of pressure on me to get a quality photo quickly before I had to return the lens. In those 2 days I had the equipment I was able to get this picture the first night out testing it out. This shot was taken at 1/13th of a second so my hands were unbelievably steady for that short amount of time. I find that if you’re able to control your breathing you can get shots requiring a slow shutter speed a lot easier other than trying to rush it.

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What was your favourite photo?



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