The White Rock Pier’s Shocking Past, Present and Future

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ll know that the White Rock pier has been torn in half a huge storm and its future is uncertain. The White Rock pier is my favourite place to photograph so I go down there about 5 days a week for sunrise and sunsets. I am drawn to the pier because it’s a local treasure and historical landmark.



Past: The White Rock pier in 1914 and later rebuilt by the community in the early 1970’s.

The White Rock pier is a local treasure and a popular tourist destination.

This is the White Rock pier a few months prior due to the storm that collapsed the pier.
Calm before the storm.

The Storm



The Rescue

There is word that a daredevil wants to jump the pier on motorbike.


There is word that the pier will be rebuilt by late August of 2019. It will cost approximately 6 million. Stay tuned for updates.


The pier has had waves of change this year and only time will tell what its future holds. When will it be reopened? Who will fund it? Will there be a restaurant built again on the pier? Will the daredevil jump?


What do you hope to see happen?


Thanks, Ethan

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