The Super Blood Wolf Moon 01/20/19

I was able to get this shot after continuously trying for close to 20 minutes and I have to say it was worth the struggle. I have gotten quite a few questions about the settings I was using to get a picture like this of the moon so, nevertheless..

Shutter Speed: 1/5th     Aperture: 5.6     Lens: 100-400 Canon EOS (F-Stop/4.5)

Moon-blood- wolf-surrey-photography-super-british-columbia-
Last night I was able to capture this shot of The Super Blood Wolf Moon. As seen on The City of Surrey’s instagram page. It wasn’t an easy pictures to take due to the lighting and since I didn’t have a tripod I had to hold my camera very still for 1/5 of a second which is a painstakingly slow shutter speed, especially at such a great distance.


Were you able to take any photos of the moon?!

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