The Super Blood Wolf Moon 01/20/19

I was able to get this shot after continuously trying for close to 20 minutes and I have to say it was worth the struggle. I have gotten quite a few questions about the settings I was using to get a picture like this of the moon so, nevertheless..

Shutter Speed: 1/5th     Aperture: 5.6     Lens: 100-400 Canon EOS (F-Stop/4.5)

Moon-blood- wolf-surrey-photography-super-british-columbia-
Last night I was able to capture this shot of The Super Blood Wolf Moon. As seen on The City of Surrey’s instagram page. It wasn’t an easy pictures to take due to the lighting and since I didn’t have a tripod I had to hold my camera very still for 1/5 of a second which is a painstakingly slow shutter speed, especially at such a great distance.


Were you able to take any photos of the moon?!

The White Rock Pier’s Shocking Past, Present and Future

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ll know that the White Rock pier has been torn in half a huge storm and its future is uncertain. The White Rock pier is my favourite place to photograph so I go down there about 5 days a week for sunrise and sunsets. I am drawn to the pier because it’s a local treasure and historical landmark.



Past: The White Rock pier in 1914 and later rebuilt by the community in the early 1970’s.

The White Rock pier is a local treasure and a popular tourist destination.

This is the White Rock pier a few months prior due to the storm that collapsed the pier.
Calm before the storm.

The Storm



The Rescue

There is word that a daredevil wants to jump the pier on motorbike.


There is word that the pier will be rebuilt by late August of 2019. It will cost approximately 6 million. Stay tuned for updates.


The pier has had waves of change this year and only time will tell what its future holds. When will it be reopened? Who will fund it? Will there be a restaurant built again on the pier? Will the daredevil jump?


What do you hope to see happen?


Thanks, Ethan

Behind The Lens pt.2

For this blog post I focus on primarily on writing about how each image comes to life and I get more in depth about how it was that day and the conditions that I endure while out getting photos!

Last year in mid February I was looking for places to take photos. I caught a ride out to Zero Ave, Surrey, BC. Somewhere along that long stretch of road I spotted this rustic yet, modern barn. At first I doubted that it was worth while to get out and take any photos of it due to the heavy snowfall and the possibility of ruining my camera but sometimes it’s worth the risk and I don’t regret it. I only was out of the truck for a few seconds but in that time I was able to get this shot, so peaceful, and quiet- the only word that comes to mind when I see this photograph is “tranquility”.
A few weeks ago, before this photo was taken, I went out to do a portrait shoot at this railway crossing. While I was taking those, I saw this and thought “what if I were to try a couple different angles?”  Nearly a month later I went back there on my own time and experimented by taking a few shots. I love how this one turned out- to get this picture I had to stand on my toes and lean forward so the leaves would be in focus and the background would be blurred out. It wasn’t easy leaning against the chain-link and keeping my hand steady but it was definitely worth it.
On the very last day of 2018 I decided to go down to Crescent Beach and try to get some sunset photos. The sunset itself was quite dull but about 15 minutes afterwards I looked behind me directly at Burnaby and saw an opportunity to get this shot. It was getting dark quick so I ran from the other side of the beach to get close enough to see everything in great detail. It’s never easy shooting something that far away but sometimes its worth the difficulties. In order to get this shot I had to control my breathing to keep my hands steady to ensure that the image wouldn’t become blurry.
On this beautiful winter evening I went over to the White Rock Pier and got this stunning capture of what looks like a very fiery sky. As I saw two people passed through in kayaks I rushed further down the pier and got this stunning capture of them both mid-stroke in the perfect setting. Not dead center but not too far off to the side to where it would look odd. About 10 minutes after this photo was taken it was nearly pitch black out, I’m just lucky that I got down there in time to capture this.
I went down to White Rock Pier for sunset one night and it was a pretty uneventful one so I stayed afterwards and decided to attempt to take some nighttime-esque photographs of the pier and some other places but, out of all of those I found this one to have turned out the best. At the time of this shot I was using a borrowed wide-angle lens so I had a bit of pressure on me to get a quality photo quickly before I had to return the lens. In those 2 days I had the equipment I was able to get this picture the first night out testing it out. This shot was taken at 1/13th of a second so my hands were unbelievably steady for that short amount of time. I find that if you’re able to control your breathing you can get shots requiring a slow shutter speed a lot easier other than trying to rush it.

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What was your favourite photo?



Behind The Lens

Every photographer has a couple of their own photos that stand out more than others, as I was going through my photos I noticed a few that really popped out to me. I thought you may like to read some more about how each image comes to life. I decided on a handful of photos to showcase here.

On this cold spring morning I was late arriving for sunrise so as I rushed to the end of the pier and as I went to grab my lensball from my bag it slipped from my hand and got a nasty chip on  it, before I was able to take any photos some joggers came up to me asking what was siiting on the wooden boards so I had to thoroughly explain how it works the best I could.  Fortunately you can barely notice the chip in this photograph. Either way, I still ended up getting this stunning shot from the end of the White Rock pier.
This is one of the most difficult shots I’ve ever taken, from the angels to the lighting. It was a rough ride on my way to Crescent Beach that night but I found it was definitely worth the struggle. When I finally got there I saw the sun get to the golden hour point so I ran down to the shore and kept trying to get to sun dead-center between the guys in the canoe so after about 10 tries I got it lined up perfectly and got this beautiful capture.


point of view-perspective-mirror-reflection-white rock-white rock-
As a photographer I love finding new ways to challenge myself, and be more creative. For example I found this blind-spot mirror on the side of the road and immediately thought I could use it for something, at the time I had no idea what, not even a week later I was able to capture this beauty in a rather bizarre location. I was helping out chop some wood for my family in a forest not too far from Coquitlam and thought if I were to place it on a fallen tree at an angle where you can see just enough of the forest and not too much of the sky it could make an incredible shot!


Waterfall water fall lake trees forestry bushes ripples rocks photographer surrey British Columbia Canada
I decided to go on a hike in Coquitlam, more specifically Crystal Falls. The hike itself was quite short and not very scenic until I got to the second lookout area. Before I attempted at taking any photos of the falls I had to make sure it wasn’t too slippery or anything by walking out without any of my equipment. While doing so I ended up slipping and nearly falling into the shallow water and rocks below. I am very relived that I decided to make sure if it was safe prior to me walking out there with my camera and falling. It was terrifying but in the end it was definitely worth it for the shot.

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What was your favourite photo?



White Rock Pier Collapsed

Last Thursday ( 2018/12/20 ) the pier at White Rock was collapsed due to very strong winds, boats that were loosely tied up at the end of the pier, and ridiculous waves.
Man that was stranded on the end of the pier being rescued via helicopter.  
Here you see a shot of the man who was rescued being dropped off on the other, secure side off the pier. Right after he safely landed he was escorted to one of the many ambulances that were dispatched to the pier.